Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seething Red: One Blue-Blood Bleeds...

We are, we are... the mighty, mighty Everton!
Welcome, welcome... to the Park, Goodison,
The Pride of Merseyside... the peoples club!
Home to Moy-siah's Four-Six-None!!!

Who needs a striker?
Cahill's aerial arsenal leaves Gunners undone.

I mean I'll take ‘em if I can get ‘em to score a goal, but it's most often the case their whole lot are over-rated, over-paid, ego-maniacal glory-hounds ('cept Dunc of course whose EFC crested heart pumped & bled blue, not green like all those other foreign mercenaries).

The Legendary Talisman
The real glory starts from the back, from the strength to withstand the onslaught of these fancy fleet-footed forwards who begin to tire, whine, frustrate and ultimately give over: "Well, I'm just not gonna score that stunner today, guess I'll just have to settle for satisfaction in my one-billion pound paycheck for the week and call it a day." They're a different breed clearly (now, don't misunderstand that I have a mind for no exceptions, nor do I stand behind every Keeper or Defender just because they are one. Judge an individual on individual merit I say, but stereotypes exist for the element of truth in their generalities) and now to be fair, tis' true; you cannot win a match with a clean sheet, but as draws are inevitable, I'll take the defenders of a 0-0 over a 3-3 any day. 

A nil-nil score-line suggests one of three scenarios (in no particular order): 1. Two outstanding defenses met, neither side being penetrable. 2. Two clubs with inept goal-scorers met resulting in the deadlock. 3. Any combination of: an outstanding keeper (Howard),

a solid back-line (Baines, Yobo, Distin, Jags, Nev, Heitinga, Unsy, Weir, Stubbs, Hibbo, Lescot),
(click banner to enlarge collage)
defensive midfield general (like Gravs of yore or Cars in his short prime), box to box attacking & defending midfielders (Peanut,Ossie,Cahill,Coleman,Rodwell,Felli)....
(click banner to enlarge collage)
combined with worthless strikers/forwards (use your own judgments of degradation here), not enough (or too little difference in type) strikers/forwards, no midfield maestro threading the passes through the seems to unlock the opposition's defense (who/where is Mikel Arteta these days? Or his replacement, that’s the head I want to see roll),

the lack of long-range shots on goal (Ossie & Nev – god love him – seem to be the only willing parties to do so, but yet not often enough to make opposing defenses push their lines up to allow our attacking forces to get in behind)

and the lack of luck that seems to accompany goals from midfielders & defenders.

The first or third I'll take here, as both are workable situations... as David Moyes is completely aware as he's shown in his tenure as Gaffer at the club. You've only to study his history o'er the seasons since that fated day Unsy (the bluest blue ever there was witnessed by me since my allegiance, sworn back in the 98-99 campaign under Walter Smith) fittingly brought victory to the fans, the club and the players who worked together & for each other as a true 'team' under the reigns of the young visionary, heralding a new era of "Nil Satis Nisi Optimum" and the ensure of progress over the decades to come (Rome wasn't built in a day and Rome didn't start 20-million pounds in debt either).
David Unsworth scores victory for David Moyes' management debut
If you don't see this progress as it is, as we're every season in the midst of it, and you consider a goalless draw to be boring and a loss of three points; then take your blind eyes and go watch "American" throw-ball (pigskin) if instant, high-action, point scoring is the goal, “must win the league now and always” is your attitude; or if you think clubs can/should buy their way into winning and the retention of league titles, align your yellow self with the likes of the canaries or the un-civil citizens of city. An empire swiftly risen to power, lacks the solidity of a fortified foundation!

Come on you Blues!
Win, Draw, or Lose...
For one hour and a half,
I'm behind you and the Gaff!

Moy-siah's 1st managed match

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